November 24, 2004

You never know what you've got until it's gone

It's amazing how one question can make you thankful for something you have, or in this case, don't have.

I was asked at work today essentially what could be done for a document to make it more color blind friendly, as it was using red to make text stand out. This got me to wondering, as it is something I never really thought about before, yet it affects more people than we realize.

"How to make figures and presentations that are friendly to color blind people" takes a look at giving scientific presentations that are friendly to color blind people. It goes into the 3 types of color blindness and also reports that "(o)ne in twelve Caucasian (8%), one in 20 Asian (5%), and one in 25 African (4%) males are so-called "red-green" colorblind. It is commoner than AB blood group."

Searching for information on color blindness and web usability eventually led me to Vischeck, which allows you to see how an image or a page of a website looks to people for each of the color blind types. Check it out, it's definitely an eye opener. It definitely makes me thankful that I am not color blind.

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