January 7, 2005

My findings with DSPAM

I did not get as far as I would've liked with my installation of the DSPAM spam filter, mostly because of poor documentation. I got to the point where I just needed to set up a proxy for my POP mail accounts. The DSPAM documentation isn't immediately clear on whether it can act as a POP proxy, if you need a separate program for that, or if you can go either way. As it turns out, the other program, pop3filter, was needed. After looking over the pop3filter documentation for setting it up to use DSPAM a few times, I could not find anything showing me how I would be able to send mail back to DSPAM for training. Maybe they are seeing one computer acting as a mail server on a local network and the POP proxy for the local computers on that network. I don't know, but it was very frustrating.

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