May 30, 2005

Quick Review of the NEC AccuSync LCD72V

I've replaced my Viewsonic Ultrabrite A90f+ that I've had for around a year but suddenly has started brightening some screens but not others to where the text became very difficult to read. The monitor still works, but it is pathetic that it had a problem this soon. The past monitors that I have owned lasted much longer before having a problem.

While the LCD72V is 17" compared to the A90f+'s 19", the screen size is still sufficient for me. Normally I would at least match the screen size of my old monitor, but hey, I won the LCD72V. It's a bonus that it uses less power and uses up less space than the A90f+ did.

The text is clear now - no issues there. Pictures still look good. I have not tried any gaming with it yet.

Installation took a bit longer in Windows than it did in Linux. Linux just needed a change to my X config file, while in Windows I removed the A90f+ before plugging in the LCD72V. What is annoying about the LCD72V is that it will complain if the resolution is not set at the "optimal recommended" resolution. A popup will appear - it goes away with the press of a button on the monitor, but will come up each time you go into Windows until you change the resolution to at least match what the LCD72V recommends. I changed it, no big deal, considering that I am rarely in Windows anyway.

Despite those little quirks, I've found the LCD72V to be a good monitor so far.
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