May 15, 2005

Some reviews from my trip to Atlanta

I had a 4 day stay in Atlanta - the Downtown section for the CDC's 3rd annual Public Health Information Network conference. I went to last year's conference and the trip overall was better this year.

This year I went with a non-stop flight on Delta (last year was a one stop flight with United). I wasn't sure how starved I would be when I got to Atlanta, but Delta's "snack pack" that they give on flights was sufficient to last me until I got to the hotel. Both my to and return trips were on time; I was actually pleasantly surprised at how soon we got into the air when heading to Atlanta - lifted off right at the departure time as opposed to the usual pulling out of the dock at departure time (and that usually ends up being a few minutes afterwards). Despite all of that, I didn't seem to enjoy my flights with Delta as much as I seem to enjoy the other flights I had; but then I was a bit more stressed than usual for this trip.

I don't care for the Atlanta airport. It's too big and too chaotic. Thankfully checking in for my return flight was better than last year - it didn't take as long to check in and it wasn't an hours long process to get through security. No having to run to catch my plane, either!

I stayed at the Hyatt Regency. The staff was professional and courteous; more than I tend to remember for other hotels I have stayed at. I did not like the fact that the pool did not open until the last night of my stay; by then I did not feel like doing much of anything. For whatever reason the shower would just not come on and work the morning I left, depsite having worked the previous mornings, so I had to do with a bath, which was not as satisfying, especially considering how small most tubs are. At least my rate was reduced a little bit as a result of that. It was also nice being closer to the Peachtree Center mall - it made lunch and dinner much easier, despite just about everything in downtown Atlanta worth doing closes up by 5 or 6 pm.

I'm definitely glad to be back home. I may be going to Las Vegas next month, but that is still up in the air.

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