December 1, 2005

I Hate Internet Explorer

I've been working on a webpage that implements the horizontal drop down menu found on A List Apart. I finally got things to my liking in Firefox, so I tried it out on Internet Explorer (IE). The menu looked fine, but would not expand out. I commented out HTML and PHP code that I had within the page, limiting it to just the menu, and it still wouldn't work in IE, but was still working in Firefox. I went back to the original page where I had copied the HTML that A List Apart used and it worked fine in both browsers. I was going nuts trying to figure out what was wrong. With another glance at my HTML, I finally noticed that I had forgotten to include the javascript file needed for this to work in IE. IE needs javascript in this case because of pathetic CSS support. Firefox is able to do all of this based on CSS alone.

Then I had to play around to get IE to show my unordered lists as lists. I finally got it working, but man, what a pain.
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