December 17, 2005

Is Belief in God Contributing to Society's Dysfunctions?

Source of discussion: Study says belief in God may contribute to society's dysfunctions

Boy, where do I start with this one. First of all, I have to agree that it is a big leap to get to that conclusion. I am also more likely to blame religions, rather than just a belief in God, for society's dysfunctions. I can only imagine how many people that go to church believe something in their hearts to be right and then have the church say that it is wrong. That causes inner conflict and stress that can lead to these dysfunctions. I had this inner conflict based on a disagreement of what I and the church believed while I was in high school - I ended up leaving the church and following my own private spirituality. But it goes beyond this. It is who religions and people believe God to be. Religions and people get so locked in on who God is, they limit who God is, and those ideas do not evolve like many other things in the world - physics, for example. So maybe it would be possible that all problems in the world are a spiritual problem? Look at how much religion and God are in every aspect of our lives.
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