January 16, 2006

NationStates Review

I've been on NationStates for about a week now and it has been interesting to follow. I do not know if the issues it brings up is randomly selected or what, but a new issue comes up every weekday to decide upon. I've gotten issues dealing with the auto industry losing out to foreign competition, political donations, and others, including today's that dealt with the censorship of the Harry Potter books. It will be interesting to see what other issues come up. The options to choose from for each issue aren't always perfect, however. So far each issue has had two or three options to choose from. Most of the time three options is ok and has a view that I wish to choose. Two options are usually not enough and do not contain my view, so I dismiss those issues when I do not find an answer that fits my view.

For those of you who might be curious, I basically chose "No" for the censorship of Harry Potter books and my government type is currently Inoffensive Centrist Democracy, though right now I suspect this will change often until I have gone through more issues.
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