May 9, 2007

New Version of Google Analytics is Very Impressive

I recently got moved over to the new version of Google Analytics and I am very impressed with what they have done.

Logging in will start you at the Dashboard screen. This screen shows you a visits and visitors overview, showing you how many visits your site has received within the date range showing at the top right portion of the screen. Also included is a "Site Usage" section, showing information such as number of visits, pages/visit, bounce rate, pageviews, average time on site, and % new visits. The Map Overlay color codes the world based on where your visitors are coming from, Traffic Sources Overview shows if the visitors come to the site directly or if they are referred by another site or a search engine, and finally the Content Overview shows the top pages.

Information I used from the old Google Analytics is still there, but I am glad that I can now see what sites visitors are coming from as well as the search terms used, just like I can in Google Analytics does not give exact pages of those sites like, however. For more comparisons between the old Google Analytics and, you can see my earlier post.

The other cool thing I have found with the new Google Analytics is under the report for the Content Overview - you can now get a site overlay of click patterns. This will show you the front page of your site (or page, if you look at this for a particular page) and will have little bar graphs over the links on the page. The more filled a bar graph is, the more times that link was clicked on. This could be very useful for determining how someone navigates the page and potentially what someone isn't seeing.

Google has done a great job with this.
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