February 10, 2008

K3b not seeing blank CD

K3b is complaining about no media being present, even though I put a blank CD into the drive. Permissions look fine. I tried switching out cdrtools for cdrkit, but it made no difference. A recompile of K3b also made no difference. The Gnome CD Master application also appears to not see it, but that program is not the most user friendly, so I really do not want to try using it. It could also possibly explain why I was not able to burn a label on a Lightscribe CD (a completely different CD than what I am trying now).

Mac OS X sees the blank CD just fine, so I am going to try installing Burn and see how that works, since the normal ways of burning a CD in OS X is not as easy as I would like it.

I'm having these problems in Gentoo and believe it is something going on with the system as opposed to K3b or cdrtools. I have burned CDs in this drive before with no problem (two months ago was the last time, I believe) and it reads audio CDs just fine. I have not tried burned CDs with audio or data on them yet to see if it reads them, though. If anyone finds a solution, let me know.

Update: Burn created an audio CD just fine with the CD. Linux saw the CD and it is now playing in Amarok just fine.
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