March 9, 2008

In Bruges review

Last night I went with my friends to see In Bruges, a movie about two hit men ordered to the town of Bruges, Belgium by their boss after their last job went wrong.

In Bruges is a dark movie with touches of humor that made it bearable for me - without it, I would not have liked the movie at all. While a story about hit men, the violence in the movie is limited to mostly a back flash of the job that went wrong and the last part of the movie. Most of the movie focuses on the relationship between the two hit men. The movie did a good job at getting me to care about them and by the end of the movie you see all of the threads throughout the movie start to tie together. My friends and I commented on the movie's similarity to a Shakespearean tragedy and it's touch of irony.

I have no plans on watching the movie again, short of watching it while at a friend's house if they happen to be watching it, mostly due to the fact that I do not care for movies that show the dark side of the world we live in.
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