May 2, 2009

Can we stop with the H1N1 (swine flu) panic now?

The CDC, WHO, and media have gone a bit nuts, causing a bit of a panic with H1N1. It really needs to stop now.

Yes, it is a new strain, something unexpected, and we do not know exactly how things will turn out. So we should keep an eye on it and prepare for the worst, like we would for a tornado or hurricane warning.

But so far H1N1 has been no worse than the regular seasonal flu. Even the deaths caused by H1N1 so far are less than those killed by the seasonal flu. Take precautions with H1N1 like you would the seasonal flu.

And this thought that it is not safe to eat pork products is ridiculous. Since H1N1 is a combination of the human flu, swine flu, and bird flu, we should be more concerned about eating humans that have turned into flying pigs.
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