March 15, 2005

TV Content, the FCC, and Parents

I don't really care about the idea of any government agency determining what can and cannot go on television (or the radio, for that matter).

It's called the channel changer. The tuner dial. Nobody is forcing you to watch or listen to it. Let a decreasing audience speak to the creators of media content that we don't want it anymore. Worried about your kids? Be a responsible parent, don't look to have the government take responsibility or television babysit your kids. It's a tough job, but you decided to do the act that creates a kid.

The FCC appears to be going for "bad" language and "indecent" content. Strangely enough, I have yet to hear one instance of them going after violent content. Isn't the violence on television just as bad for our kids and our society? It would be curious to see this happen and see how society reacts. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying this should happen, as I believe in the arguments I mentioned in the previous paragraph for violence as well. I just imagine that there would be more of a resistance to the FCC going after violent content.

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