June 4, 2006

Do Geese See God?

We had just received some snow the day before - the first day of Spring. I had just received a Canon Powershot S80 (I would've gotten the Canon Powershot G6, but it had stopped being sold.) for work to use for taking pictures for the website, award presentations, and anything else that might happen to come up. My boss called me to grab my camera and see what was outside of her window. I grabbed the camera, getting as close to the window as possible, and took this shot. I had not become familiar enough with the camera to use it competently, so I hoped I would not get a flash that would reflect off the window and show up in the picture. While not the greatest quality, I think it came out rather well.

This shot was taken with an exposure time of 1/200, f/5.3, and focal length 20.7mm.

I hope to have a picture that I have taken posted each week along with the story behind it.
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