August 6, 2006

Don't Mind Me, I'm Just Going Nuts

I was printing out three PDFs - the first one printed just fine, but the other two would just not print. I rebooted, I restarted the router (an Asante FR3004FLC - too bad they don't make routers anymore) which acts as a print server, and still they would not print. I connected the printer (a Samsung ML-1430) to my computer (running Gentoo Linux), and still had problems printing those other two PDFs. But the printer could print it's own test page. I could send it a test page. It printed the first one fine again. I switched to another PDF viewing program (from evince to the Gnome PDF Viewer - I also tried KDE's viewer, but I couldn't print the pages) and the PDFs printed fine. Maybe when I have the energy I will switch the printer back to the router.

I even tried printing from my Macintosh Powerbook running OS X while trying to figure this out. The printer made noise but then just stopped. I have never been able to get the printer working in OS X and have pretty much given up on it, but maybe I will try it again someday.

In other news, I finally found two books that I have been looking for the last few weeks -

  1. 1. Sword & Fist - the Dungeons & Dragons 3rd edition book for monks and fighters. Found in a box along with my 2nd edition collection for some reason.

  2. 2. My Canon Digital Rebel XT English manual. Buried underneath the Spanish one in the box the camera came in, even though I searched the box before.

Now to figure out the problem my Digital Rebel XT is having with a CF card. I was unable to download photos from the camera to my computer, but was able to read from that card and get the pictures when I put it into my Powershot G6. I had one problem taking a picture with that card and the Digital Rebel XT - it didn't seem to take it, but a second shot had no problem. Reformatting the card didn't help either, so I'll probably try putting in one of my other cards in there, just in case. If I see the same problems there, it's time to contact Canon.

I've got plenty to do tonight, but hopefully I will post a little bit more this evening with an idea I've had running through my head.
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