August 9, 2006

Uncommon XHTML Tags, Part 1

In my own experience with HTML and XHTML, I would usually see the same tags - anchor tags, line breaks, paragraphs, images, horizontal rules, unordered lists, ordered lists, list items, the various table tags, and various formatting tags for bold and italics (though formatting should be taken care of through cascading style sheets). I've decided to take a look at the other tags out there that I don't see that often, starting with:

<abbr> </abbr> - The abbreviation tag

The usage of the abbreviation tag, in combination with the title attribute, could be used as a good reminder of what an abbreviation means in the context in which it is used, which can also help reduce confusion. When the title attribute is used, some browsers will show what the abbreviation means. In Firefox, a small yellow tag will hover with the text that appears in the title attribute when you place your mouse cursor over the abbreviation. Try placing your mouse cursor over the follow example to see what happens in your browser: NV
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