December 1, 2006

Windows Movie Maker

I tried playing around with Windows Movie Maker on my computer at work, but did not have any luck with it. I'm looking at editing some video for work in the future, but do not have a DV camcorder at work and for various reasons cannot connect my personal camcorder to a work computer.

I was curious if I would just be able to save the DV to a CD, but Windows Movie Maker does not support DV as a file type - except coming directly from the camcorder. I was then curious to see what would happen if I imported an .avi or .mpg file into the program, thinking I could convert the file at home and hopefully be able to edit the video easily in Windows Movie Maker.

I could not get any file imported. I tried an .avi that did not work, even after loading the appropriate codec. I tried .avi and .wmv files that came with Windows itself, including .wmv files that are part of a help directory for Windows Media Player, and Windows Movie Maker just kept complaining about it being a bad file type or that the file was corrupt.

Looks like I will just do the work at home in iMovie on my Powerbook.
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