October 8, 2017

Usability Fail - MyDocBill

Paying a medical bill online is becoming a common occurrence these days.  I came across one usability issue when trying to pay a bill through MyDocBill.com.  They ask for an account number, client ID, and date of birth.  The client ID is already filled in.  The account number field gives a watermark example of 123456, but clicking on the question mark next to the account number field gives a screenshot of an example bill, pointing to the area in the following screenshot:
Numbers, followed by a dash, followed by letters, all surrounded by a red rectangle.  In a box called "ACCOUNT NO."  Typing in what shows up in the bill results in a failure.  Just typing in the number part works. 

Interestingly enough, they use the same screenshot for the question mark next to the client ID field gives the exact same screenshot.  Recommendations: Just surround the number in the account number screenshot and the letters in the client ID screenshot.

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