April 6, 2005

Do you want a company dictating how you do IT?

Microsoft is going to remove the blocking feature that allows enterprises to prevent employees from downloading Windows XP Service Pack 2 downloads using Automatic Update.

While I understand the concern with security and the dangers of keeping old, unpatched software around, I do not feel that any company should automatically force something like this on their customers. I can only imagine the havoc that may happen at these companies that suddenly have Windows XP Service Pack 2 on their computers without IT's approval. It has to make you wonder where in the licensing agreements it allows Microsoft to do this. There must be better ways to do this - either don't support any Windows XP that is not at Service Pack 2 or start charging those companies more money. This allows IT to run things the way they want to but have consequences for doing it that way. And I'm sure Microsoft would not argue with making more money.

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