June 27, 2005

Massage and Release

I had a nice long 80 minute massage yesterday. It was a nice way to recover from vacation and the week at work after vacation. Hopefully it has helped me relax enough to be able to deal with work for the next couple of weeks.

One thing about massages is that it is recommended that you drink a good amount of water after the fact due to the chemical release that comes about. I haven't seen it mentioned exactly what kind of chemicals. I would guess that there could be a physical detox of sorts, as the water would help flush everything out of my system. But I think there may be some mental-emotional chemicals in there as well - mostly because I had a bit of emotional negativity come up; nothing too serious, as I was centered enough to not let it "drag me off" and I was able to clear it out relatively quickly. Now it would be curious if the massage had an effect on the soul. I would guess so, but have no way to tell that I know of. It would be interesting to do before and after aura pictures/chakra readings to see if there is a difference - especially with more than just the root chakra.

If you've had an indepth professional massage, have you noticed anything like this?
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