January 24, 2006

Sometimes Linux Makes Life Difficult...

Thankfully, it is a rarity that Linux is difficult, but when it is, it can be a real major pain. Somewhere in my updates to my Gentoo machine, things got broken, but I never noticed until I shutdown the computer in the morning and restarted it later in the day. It has been up over two weeks and wasn't doing much lately, so I might as well cut down electricity usage.

So Xorg does not come up. I thought it was because it could not find xfs, the X Font Server, but I found out through the Gentoo forums that it isn't needed anymore. So I fixed that, but things still didn't work. The Xorg logs basically gave the no screen error (after removing warnings due to xfs going away). I found information telling me I had to run a script file, but it wasn't doing what it was supposed to do, so thankfully I found a quick manual way to recreate what it did. Yet still things did not work! I recompiled nvidia-kernel and nvidia-glx and still no luck. I finally decided to try upgrading my kernel to 2.6.15, as I had been at 2.6.10 for almost a year. It compiled faster than I thought it would (thank you more memory). I recompiled nvidia-kernel and nvidia-glx again and got further, but then it errored out trying to use startkde from kde-3.2.0 while I am at 3.4. I dug around and fixed that. Then it complained about not finding /dev/mouse (most likely because of a move to udev) - took a guess as what to change it to and fixed it. And only then did everything work.

I still have to fix the computer not detecting my DVD burner, but I am pretty sure it accidentally got unplugged while installing the memory.
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