March 20, 2006

Mini review of the Canon Powershot S80

I had the opportunity to purchase a digital camera at work and was looking to purchase the Canon Powershot G6, as I purchased one for myself not too long ago and was familiar with it, but now it cannot be found for sale brand new. I really hope Canon comes out with a new model soon. The Canon Powershot Pro 1 just didn't interest me as much. I ended up getting the Canon Powershot S80 instead.

The S80 is a bit thinner than I would like. While it is easy to put it into a shirt pocket and take around, I want to have something a bit more to hold onto when I am taking a photograph. The circular control for changing aperture and the shutter speed, but I find myself making mistakes often when trying to change the ISO - after pressing up to change the ISO, I find myself then trying to press down to select an ISO speed when in fact that toggles manual focus.

Two features I like about the S80 that I wish my G6 had (or the features are very well hidden) are the live histogram view (perfect for making sure my exposure is good) and the gridlines on the LCD, dividing the screen up into thirds, which helps me remember the rules of good composition. I can't have as many accessories as I would on my G6, but probably would not have ended up purchasing them for work anyway.

I think the S80 will serve me well enough for taking pictures of events and some scenic photographs for the website at work and would recommend it for those who are point and shoot users that might have some interest in learning the technical aspects of photography, but for those like myself who are just starting out with the technical aspects of photography and wanting to dive deeper without going to the SLR level yet, I'd look elsewhere.
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