January 7, 2007

Music on a DVD?

I'd like to take music from three separate CDs, totaling about 90 minutes worth of music, and be able to burn it to a DVD-R. I do not want to compress the music into mp3 files - I want it to be an exact copy and to not lose anything through compression. I would be fine having the Redbook specifications, just on a DVD-R so it fits more music on there. I would be listening to it through a DVD drive that can read DVD-R discs.

I was hoping that I might be able to use the Linux CD/DVD burning K3B program, but it looks like it might limit the time to 80 minutes, even though I would have a DVD-R in there. Granted, I did not try to see what happens, but did not want to spend the time on something I thought would not work out as I would like.

Has anyone done this or know of a solution, if there is one?
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