March 23, 2008

Louisiana - Baton Rouge - Downtown

I found this reference from, given by someone named Jon Barry:

I spent one night in jail and had two cameras taken away from me for 10 weeks. The attorney fee was $3000.00 and though it never went to trial, the police can arrest with out impunity and cannot be sued for false arrest.

I was shooting two models in downtown Baton Rouge, non-nude work, but there was a government building right behind the models, and someone said we were taking photos of government items, and because of the Patriot Act which we have in the US, they can arrest you on any reason they want.

No, there are rights and there are rights, but those all belong to the government.

This happened three years ago. I never shoot anywhere near anything governmental to include bridges, grain elevators and other things where it might be considered a potential terrorist target. It is not as bad now as it was three years ago, but I know full well what rights are.
Jon Barry

I have heard of government buildings being an issue, so I try to avoid doing photography anywhere near them when I can.
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