June 3, 2012

Working around a print issue with CUPS on Gentoo Linux

After using Sabayon Linux for a while, I have gone back to Gentoo Linux, as Sabayon Linux recently became a bit too unstable for my liking.

I tried setting up my Samsung ML-1430 printer (connecting via USB) in Gentoo, which has never been a problem before.  It detected the printer just fine, but CUPS could not see it.  I searched for an easy solution, but could not find any.

I decided to try following the Gentoo instructions for setting up a printer via CUPS to allow other machines on the network to print to it, but apply those instructions to my Linux Mint laptop, which sees the printer just fine.  Sure enough, Gentoo can see the printer remotely and print to it.

The other nice thing about this solution is that it allows my MacBook Pro to see the printer and print to it.  I tried setting up the printer as a local printer in OS X before, but could not get it to print correctly, due to the drivers missing.
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