July 13, 2014

The Resurrection of my Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

While cleaning up some things on my desk, I decided to try plugging in my Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 for one last time before disposing it in some way, figuring that it would not work. It was a year ago that it would not turn on or show anything, even when plugged in. To my surprise, the screen lit up, eventually showing the charging battery. I booted up the tablet and saw that it was at a 1% battery level. I was thinking that maybe the battery would not hold a charge, but the battery level continues to go up and the tablet did not automatically power off when I unplugged it as a test. The date was reset to December 30, 2003 and I had to reset that and reboot before I could successfully re-connect to my Google account (I had suspended rights from the device when I thought it would not work ever again). It's gone through a lot of application updates. So for now, I guess this will be the back up device unless I decide to experiment with it - trying to install CyanogenMod, for example.
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