November 18, 2004

Do we really need the FCC to police the media?

As reported at Wired, there's talk of the FCC regulating cable and satellite radio. I'm still questioning if it is really necessary for them to do so, even with regular TV. Maybe there is a fine line when the FCC should step in, but I don't know what it is. I don't think we have crossed it, though. Besides, there are other solutions. One, people don't have to watch the show. Parents, monitor what your kids watch on television. If you don't want them to watch something, then be a parent and enforce the rules, don't go expecting the government to do it for you. Finally, if people feel the need to do more, then boycott the show. Or the station. Or the companies that buy commercial time for the show. If enough people feel that way, there will be change. If not many people get upset about something that happens on television, then maybe those people that do need to take a close look at why it gets them so upset.

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