September 30, 2007

Domke F804 Review

Domke F804 review

Sep 30, 2007 by Steve

4 out of 5 stars

I was looking for a bag that would hold my Canon Digital Rebel XT (with lens attached), external flash, as well as some filters at the very least, but I also wanted to carry my laptop as well. The Domke F804 Super Satchel met my needs and I am happy with it.

I purchased an FA-210 Insert to hold my camera and lens. My Apple Powerbook G4 (15" monitor) fits nicely in there. When I did not carry an external flash and filters, I've placed a couple of books and even my small carrying case for my camcorder with no problem. The F804 also has two external pockets with Velcro closings that can fit more stuff and an external slide in pocket that I have placed airplane tickets and schedules in - just be careful to check that you're not putting your hand into the bottomless "pocket" or else your stuff will fall to the ground. The bag fit nicely under the seats on the Southwest and US Airways planes I took the F804 on and imagine there would be no problem on other airlines. I'll definitely find that out when I take the F804 with me to Scotland.

With everything in there, the F804 can get heavy, but the shoulder strap has some rubber "threads" that make it harder for the strap to slip off of a shoulder. The F804 also contains the standard metal hooks that can be a real pain to open, but it just makes it that much harder for someone to open the bag to steal anything.

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