July 2, 2016

A failed, unwanted Windows 10 upgrade turns into a Linux install

My mother-in-law's Windows 7 Dell desktop upgraded to Windows 10 without her giving the OK. It ended up having the "black screen" issue. Despite trying different methods to fix this, including trying to go into safe mode to try reverting to Windows 7, nothing worked. So I ended up installing Linux Mint 17.3 for her and she has been very happy with it - stating that it was faster than Windows 7.

Her Western Digital Passport external hard drive wasn't cooperating and seems to have issues, as it couldn't be opened by Linux, OS X, or Windows 8 or 10. She has the files from there on an older desktop that also had issues to cause her to buy her current desktop, so I'll try going in there at some point to grab her files off of there.

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